Tucm Shirt Stays | Handmade in the UK | Attach to sock or around thigh with Dual-Tuck Fit | Lightweight & Super-Slimline Design


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Product Description

Tucm Shirt Stays are the best way to keep your shirt tucked in all day or all night. We use ultra high-strength clips with woven elastic that attach to the shirt’s hem and the stock in a Y style for ultimate comfort-ability, flexibility and assurance that you shirt will stay tucked, with supreme “Dual-Tuck” Technology.

Handmade in the UK
Every single pair of Tucm Shirt Stays are made in house. We put the dedication, attention and precision into each pair we make and pride ourselves on being a British Manufacturer.

What is “Dual-Tuck” Technology?
We have crafted Tucm Shirt Stays so that you can either clip to the sock or around the thigh. This is especially suited if you frequently wear trousers without socks or are looking to help keep a (t) shirt tucked into shorts.

Height Suitability
Our premium Shirt Stays are suitable for heights between 5′ 5″ and 6′ 5″ or 1.65m to 1.95m .

Lightweight & Slimline Design
The lightweight and slimline design means that you will seldom notice that you are wearing our incredibly smart design. The woven elastic fits to the leg so make for a discrete look whether you are wearing trousers, jeans or chinos. You might want to tell everyone you’re wearing a pair – but that will be your choice.

Ultra High-Strength Clips
When we say “ultra high-strength” clip, we mean it. This clip is originally designed for climbing and abseiling activities. You could put your life in the hands of these clips. It’s a revolutionary clip that is a first for Shirt Stays – and whilst being strong, is also very simple to use with an easy click open and close.

Why Tucm?
With every pair of Tucm Shirt Stays, you can expect:
– Quality UK manufacturer based in Yorkshire
– Dedication to Excellence & Precision in each pair
– The TUCM name; your guarantee of quality


  • THE ONLY SHIRT STAYS WITH DUAL-TUCK TECHNOLOGY – Our Y Style shirt stays are developed that allows you to wear clipped to the sock at the bottom or wrap around the leg
  • SHIRT STAYS THAT STAY TUCKED – Our super strength clip is the best on the market for an easy open-close clasp that stays gripped
  • MADE IN YORKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM – We have made quality our #1 priority and to do that, we needed to make our Shirt Stays in house with expert sewers that take care and attention with every pair
  • COMFORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT & SLIMLINE DESIGN – The woven elastic blend combines the perfect mix of comfort and durability meaning you’ll hardly be able to tell you’re wearing them, and neither will anyone else
  • ULTRA HIGH STRENGTH NON-SLIP CLAMPS – For us, it’s all about the clamp. Our clip is traditionally used for climbing / abseiling excursions, so you can be sure, it will never let you down, whether you’re in the office or hitting the dancefloor
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